CEO Message

GP Accelerate is opening its doors for innovators to connect to our GP’s, clients and networks to bring new primary health care innovation to market. Our accelerate allows innovations to fast track to acceptance, recommendation and then scale.

By going through our accelerator you will connect with those folk and companies that will shape your product and service and you’ll effectively be working backwards from the market. This process is our cornerstone of success.

By signing up to the accelerator, our venture partner Health IP will have options to invest in your company. As success starts to build, you will then have also the capacity to take it to the next steps. Beyond that our connections, capital partnerships and corporate partners are waiting to partner with you.

Both GP Accelerate and Health IP come from a very rich tradition in GP led organizations-GP Partners Australia (SA) and GP Partners (QId). Both of these organizations are divisions of general practice who have recognized the need for both innovation in general practice as well as GP’s becoming more active and leading the way. So much so, both organizations have committed the majority of their capital to both GP Accelerate and Health IP to kick start the process.

This is innovation led from the front, and the companies we produce we hope will make a big difference to people’s lives, globally.

I hope you will connect with us.

Anthony Francis


Our Features

Australia's only primary health focused accelerator, GP Accelerate offers a unique opportunity for an intimate conversation among the GPs, entrepreneurs, technologists and investors.

Opportunity Identification

We understand the important role that the Voice of the Customer (VOC) plays in any product's initial market pull and ultimate success. Therefore, we have created an avenue which makes sure that GP's VoC is clearly and loudly heard. It provides the GPs a platform to articulate their needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and articulate their pain points in their own language. GP's Ideas lounge offers savvy entrepreneurs , technologists and problems solvers vital insights into GP's daily paint points and a view of where "the buck would be" in near future.

Concept Evaluation And Generation

GP Accelerate provides instant access to 1700 GPs in South Australia. It's a unique and valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to directly test their products and receive feedback from the coalface of primary health care. We also offer access to Digital surgery , pharmacy and digital display wall for demonstration purposes, providing an ideal platform for initial market test and launch.

Development and launch

A 3 months rigorous accelerator program to help entrepreneurs execute their idea, refine business model , develop a strategic plan and receive advice on brand management, public policy and Digital healthcare frameworks.


An opportunity for start-ups to showcase their products and service through our Investor's lounge. We work with our residents to build their network of mentors, potential investors and peers to help them excel and significantly reduce their path to success. We also invest in the startups through our IP fund. Our unique offer includes a government support mechanism that enables the possibility to double any investment made by us into a company. This effectively means the possibility of half a million dollars' worth of investment in the company. We also offer 3 months tenancy occupancy at our Texas based partner's premises , providing the companies a chance to pitch at international platforms and tap into global networks.