Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPAccelerate? How is it different from other accelerators?
GPA is Australia's first connected primary health accelerator. We are backed by GP Partners Australia (SA) and GP Partners ( Qld), both organisations with a combined membership of more than 2500 GPs across Australia, and a rich history in connecting GPs with educational and development opportunities. By going through GPA, you will connect with these folk and companies that will shape your product and service and you’ll effectively be working backwards from the market. This process is our cornerstone of our model - allowing GPs to take a front-line influence on new product and service development process. By signing to the accelerator, you will also become eligible….
What criteria does the judging panel look for?
We believe when it comes to success, execution is more powerful than the idea, and market pull supersedes tech brilliance. With this philosophy in mind, the applicants will be evaluated based on : team's entrepreneurial aptitude, ability to execute, market understanding, balanced skill mix, subject matter expertise, growth vision, product innovation and right fit for GPA network.
How many companies do you admit every session?
Currently we work with five companies every annual session, with plans to expand the number of partnerships in near future.
What types of companies is GPAccelerate looking for?
We are interested in technologies that can positively impact primary healthcare delivery, improve the consumer experience around healthcare, and streamline inefficiencies for providers and staff. More specifically, we are looking for companies that can increase their value by maximizing the advantages that GPA's diverse network offers. Through our program, we aim to nurture companies that are seeking clinical validation and access to the GP market.
What is the right stage of company for this program?
GPAccelerate Program is stage agnostic. We are open and keen to work with companies from across the spectrum. The applicants stage can range from having a pre-revenue, functional prototype to having established recurring revenue sources and market ready products.
Will GPAccelerate sign our non-disclosure agreement?
No, as we are exposed to a vast amount of ideas and ventures during the year it will be impossible for us to do so. However, we respect and understand the confidentiality of your application and will not share it with anyone outside of the selection committee. Please provide us with only as much information as you are comfortable sharing and in your judgement , would be sufficient for our selection panel to understand your business and your product.
What happens to my intellectual property if I am not selected?
Our application does not ask for detailed IP information and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you are not comfortable doing so.
Is there a fee for applying to the program?
There is no fee to apply. For those accepted into the program , GPA will charge them a one-time $5000 fee.
If I am not from Adelaide, would acceptance mean I need to relocate
GPA program requires 2 employees of a resident company (at least one of them a co-founder) to attend 12 weeks pre-accelerator training program in Adelaide. If needed, GPA would provide limited assistance with finding suitable residential options in the city. There is no location requirement after the pre-accelerator program is successfully attended.
Will GPAccelerate be providing office space?
GPA program offers multiple working space facilities to its resident companies. It includes hot-desk co-working space in a prime location in Adelaide CBD, equipped with high speed broadband, free printing and scanning, access to meeting rooms with video conferencing, lounge areas as well as a Digital Clinic, GP Surgery, Pharmacy, Connected Home and Digital Display wall which will provide startups with demonstrable tools to promote their capabilities to commercial and investment partners.
What type of investment capital do participating companies receive?
coming soon
What are the most valuable components of the program?
coming soon
How is the program structured?
This is a 15 months program, broken down into three phases :

Phase 1 ( 3 months)

12 weeks intensive Pre-accelerator bootcamp
  • Expected outcomes
    • Clear vision of business, with a product-market fit
    • Business, revenue, pricing, models
    • Problem Validation through workshops with GPs
    • Marketing/sales collateral
    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Accounting, legal, marketing, HR assistance
    • A clear understanding of how the product/service fits in healthcare delivery system
    • An understanding of Australian Health regulatory framework
    • An understanding of available grant opportunities, processes, matching, application strategy
  • Final Activity : Pitch Day . Audience: Clinicians, industry leaders, buyers, investors, media

Phase 2 ( 9 months)

  • Expected outcomes
    • Capacity Building
      • Virtual board
      • HR Assistance
    • Vertical specific mentorship
      • Further building network of mentors and peers
      • Connecting with mentors with domain specific fundraising experience
      • Allocation Mentor Sub group
      • Allocation GP Sub group
    • Product testing - On Lead user group
    • Market Validation/ Market testing
    • Initial Customers Acquisition
    • Secure at least 1 government grant
    • Preparation for Series A Fundraising
    • Speaker opportunities at AMA, RACGP conferences
  • Final Day activity: D Day ( Demonstration of product/service in Digital Clinic). Audience: Clinicians, industry leaders, buyers, investors, media

Phase 3 ( 3 months)

  • 3 months tenancy at University of Texas, Austin
  • Access to GPA's global network - participation in launch platform by MaRs, Canada
  • Connect with partner health accelerator in LA, USA
  • Sponsored visit : Annual South by Southwest conference, Austin, USA
What is the timeframe for GPA program?
We start accepting applications in May and announce our 8 successful applicants in July every year. The selected applicants are offered a 12 week pre-accelerator bootcamp which runs from July till November. This is followed by a 9 months second phase and a 3 months optional third phase ( overseas tenancy).
When and how do I apply?
We begin accepting applications on 1st May everywhere. Please fill an online application form available at the following link : Application Form
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